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Guild Wars 2 Outlines Changes Coming to Elite Specializations for Next Beta Event

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Feedback from the first three Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons beta events have resulted in a very long series of changes, to elite specializations. Each of the classes will have specific changes that are based on player feedback and cover some of the skills, the speed, class difficulty, end even visual elements in some cases.

The changes are extensive, and all of these changes will be present in the next beta event beginning next week.   Since the purpose of holding beta events is to fully test characters and classes, the team promises that feedback has been addressed and implemented. The extensive feedback notes are out now, and contain both what the team heard in terms of feedback for each class through each event and the changes they’ve made in response, as well as complete notes on all fixes applied to every class.

For the Catalyst, for example, the Jade Sphere mechanic was changed in order to make the class more mobile and use less energy. The Jade Sphere no longer drains when you're out of combat. Mechanist  got feedback on unclear pet controls compared to the core Ranger abilities. The Willbender felt stiff and the specialization didn't deliver on the motion and promised momentum of the class play, so they made it more mobile. 

The Virtuoso got some changes to reduce limits and strengthen the builds. Harbinger and the new Blight mechanic we're a little confusing,, so they streamlined the class play. Untamed also gets smoother pet controls.  Vindicator feedback pointed to the class feeling like it was difficult to have a solid distinct roll. Specter feedback seems positive on letting Thief perform a support role, but some limitations weren't fun.  Bladesworn’s signature move, Dragon Slash and other abilities were made more intuitive.

All of these changes point to the team listening to players ahead of the End of Dragons launch. For the full list of feedback from the devs ahead of the next beta event, check the notes over on the Guild Wars 2 site. 


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