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Guild Wars 2 Opening Next World vs World Restructuring Beta on August 12th

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The next Guild Wars 2 World versus World restructuring beta, the fourth planned test,  will take place on August 12th.

This particular fourth beta event will mostly be an internal system so players will probably not notice any real changes unless there's something that goes wrong. The announcement says that the team will be testing a “new internal deployment system” that will automate various parts of a world restructuring beta that should also reduce mistakes and errors involved in processes like matchmaking. Eventually, they hope, that it will allow them to automate more processes and reduce human error. This should allow the feature to always be enabled

Speaking of matchmaking, they’ve reduced the chances of getting put on the wrong team or in the wrong realm, as long as you’re properly part of a guild by a certain time before trying to queue for the beta. With regards to queues, they’ve also reduced queue bugs.

For those that do participate in the August beta, which will begin on the 12th and run for a week, through August 19th, there will be a 100% bonus to World Experience, 25% bonus to reward track progress, and a 50% bonus to Magic Find all in effect for participation. 

Last month, some of the progress the team has been making on WvW, along with some planned changes, were detailed. Among the changes include work on ways to make WvW both more rewarding and to incentivize participation. Part of their plans include a full WvW- exclusive weapon set. Other changes That still need some more work and didn't make the cut for the August beta are The Alliance feature that will allow guilds to create alliances, and objective scaling, which bases rewards on how many enemies you face when attacking or defending objectives.

For more on the upcoming beta, head over to Guild Wars 2.


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