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Guild Wars 2 - New Guild Hall Revealed, New Character Customizations to Test Now in End of Dragons Beta

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This has been an eventful week for Guild Wars 2 and the End of Dragons beta, along with new reveals. In addition to the unveiling of a brand new Guild Hall for the expansion, the last beta is currently on with new customization options.

There’s been a flurry of updates this week with the last End of Dragons beta, news on the WvW restructuring process, and a brand new Guild Hall. The road to End of Dragons is on, with the arrival of December it means just two months until the expansion releases.

With new lands, of course you’ll need a new home base. The new guild hall, Isle of Reflection, was revealed today with a new preview video. Working with your guild, you can clean the whole, customize it together with decor, and make it your home. 

New customization options are also available with this week's beta. There are new hairstyles and these options for each race and gender that you can first test out by making a beta character and getting a feel for the new options. Human characters get four new hair options and six new faces, while Charr, Norn, Asura, and Sylvari get three hair and face options each. These were added with this week’s update for the beta, so if you want to get a feel for the new character options, testing them out with a beta character (and trying the new elite specializations at the same time, maybe?) is a commitment-free way to maybe consider a look change..

The background test for WvW is also ongoing, with normal play enabled while the team gathers data. More data will be known for this after the test ends tomorrow, paving the way for an announcement as to whether a first full WvW restructuring beta will be going ahead.


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