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Guild Wars 2 Looks Ahead To Upcoming Updates, Including 8th Anniversary Celebrations

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In a new blog post, the Guild Wars 2 team took a moment to look ahead at the upcoming content they have slated for release in the coming weeks. 

The team behind Guild Wars 2 gave a brief overview of the major points coming out, including the next episode in its Icebrood Saga at the end of this month. Remember, this is the episode that will release without voice acting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Additionally, the blog post details information regarding the Festival of the Four Winds, which is happening in August.

Festival of the Four Winds is planned for the first half of August. Kick back and relax in the beautiful Labyrinthine Cliffs if you need to cool down—or heat things up with battles in the Crown Pavilion. No matter what you choose to do on your summer vacation, the festival will feature traditional activities, annual achievements, and new rewards.

Also, with the 8th anniversary of Guild Wars 2 on the horizon, ArenaNet has begun detailing what players can expect from the festivities. Every character will receive an annual present on their birthday, meaning the day in the year they were created, which will have "valuable and unique items." The team is also teasing surprises, such as a mount "harboring an undiscovered talent."

Finally, the post details in brief a new fractal coming to Guild Wars 2 coming in September. While details were, well, mostly nonexistent, we do know that this is a mountain fractal and players should don their best mountain-climbing boots for the adventure.


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