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Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 Returns May 25

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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ArenaNet announced Living World Season 2 episodes will return weekly starting May 25. If you’re looking to jump back in, you might be interested in these details.

If you’re unfamiliar with Guild Wars 2’s Living Worlds, it’s effectively a series of updates in the form of episodes brought to the MMO meant to “bring the world to life.” These episodes are then bundled into seasons, with each having their own story and content. They feed in the larger narrative arc for that season. You can also look forward to things like updated maps, new equipment, in addition to several other features.

The bringing back of Season 2 is significant because unlike Season 1 which was temporary, Season 2 was able to be replayed virtually any time. The Guild Wars 2 team announced earlier that each week starting May 25, two episodes from Season 2 will be spotlighted for play. These episodes will be brought back in chronological order. All you have to do is log on during the week to unlock the episode for free.

Additionally, these episodes will be updated with new permanent achievements which can be chased any time. If you complete all new achievements, you’ll progress towards Legendary rewards.

Check out the trailer for Living World Season 2 below:

In some more somber Guild Wars 2 news, composer Sam LePard was memorialized with an in-game monument earlier this month following his passing.

“ArenaNet is honoring Stan’s life, work, and contributions to Guild Wars 2 by creating an in-game memorial in his honor. In the May 11 game update, a charr NPC embodying Stan named Van Leopard will appear near the Grothmar Valley charr concert stage in the Crag as a nod to Stan’s work on the Metal Legion concert performance. Additionally, a statue memorial to Stan will appear in the city of Lion’s Arch and will allow players to listen to a music playlist of 10 of Stan’s top tracks chosen from his portfolio throughout Guild Wars 2’s history"


Poorna Shankar