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Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 1 Chapter 'Sky Pirates' is Coming Next Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 will continue to see the release of Living World season 1 content when the next episode arrives on May 24th. This episode, "Sky Pirates", will introduce Captain Mai Trin and detective Marjory Delaqua. 

If you’ve played through and finished End of Dragons, but weren’t playing at the time Living World Season 1 was originally live in the game, this is an opportunity to go back. You’ll get a look at where some of the more memorable characters and the seeds of where the story led in the recent expansion as it happened originally. 

With each of the scheduled episodes to be released, expect achievements, some updates, and in some cases, coincide with new content. Next week when this episode comes out, the next End of Dragons Challenge Mode Strike Mission will also arrive. There will also be a set of Generation 3 legendary weapon variant skins inspired by the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, known as the Dragon of Death and Shadow.

With this announcement, ArenaNet is also marking another anniversary of sorts. the original release of the content in Sky Pirates coincided with the first run of the Dragon Bash event. This new release will happen before the 2022 Dragon Bash, which is coming on June 7th. 

If you haven’t taken part in Dragon Bash, It is an event that celebrates defiance and rebellion, as well as victories over the Elder Dragons. Specifically, the festival was originally celebrated after the defeat of Zhaitan, when the story ran in 2013. The 2013 edition featured a Dragon Ball Arena, Dragon Effigies that granted boons, and fireworks that concluded the festivities.

The event was not run for several years following that original festival, but in 2019, Dragon Bash returned and has been running ever since in its new area, the Norn settlement, Hoelbrak.

For more on Sky Pirates, head over to Guild Wars 2 for the official announcement.


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