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Guild Wars 2 Legendary Armory Update Hits On July 13th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 is previewing the Legendary Armory coming to the MMO this month, giving players a glimpse into what they can expect with the feature when it goes live. 

The biggest piece of information from ArenaNet is down to how the Armory itself will work. Once the update it live, according to the Guild Wars 2 developers, every piece of legendary equipment you've collected across your account will effectively be stored in the new Legendary Armory. This should make it simple for you to share all of your Legendaries across your characters. 

"Your entire roster of impeccably dressed level 80 characters will have free and easy access to your unlocked legendary weapons, armor, back items, trinkets, runes, and sigils—without suffering the indignity of having to dig through your bank for them."

The feature is free for players to use and ArenaNet promises that the Armory will automatically convert future legendaries to the Armory when you get them. This will only apply to account-bound legendary items, however, as unbound legendaries will "remain in your inventory."

"Unbound legendaries will remain in your inventory. If you own bound copies of Sunrise or Twilight, the greatswords will be added to your Legendary Armory and you’ll receive tokens to use in crafting Eternity (an Eternity produced using tokens will be account-bound)."

The Armory itself is smart enough to only hold the maximum numbers of item types you could equip as well, meaning you won't be carrying more copies of the same sword for example than you could equip at any moment. 

Be sure to check out the full Guild Wars 2 blogpost for the full details on the upcoming Legendary Armor, which hits the MMORPG on July 13th.


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