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Guild Wars 2: Jormag Rising Voice Acting Delayed, Actors Give Update

Voice Acting Can Be... Spooky?

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a video released today on Guild Wars 2’s official site, the voice talent banded together to talk about the progress of lending their voices to the new Jormag Rising content set to release in a few short weeks. The reason for Jormag Rising releasing without the voiceover talent was attributed to the ongoing pandemic, and safety concerns of having their voice talent in-studio to record their parts.

Jormag Rising will not be delayed due to the lack of voiceovers for many popular characters. However, voiceovers will later be added when the staff feels that they will be safe enough to return to the studio. You can watch the video in its entirety below, or check it out on Guild Wars 2’s Official site.

In addition to the voiceover video, Halloween has surprisingly come a little early this year. Or, quite possibly, a lot early, with Guild Wars 2’s gem store releasing the widely popular, and seasonally available Mad King skins, as well as a host of other Halloween related items. While no specific reason was given as to why the Halloween items are returning nearly 2 months before Halloween, and being heavily discounted, this may be of interest to many hoping to get their hands on some of the most popular mount skins, outfits and armor skins. Those who pop into the gem store will also receive a free Hallows Fortune fireworks item. Guild Wars 2 is also looking forward to an 8th anniversary celebration in August.


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