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Guild Wars 2 - Jormag Rising Releases, Patch Notes Provided

A Song of Ice, and More Ice. 'Cause Jormag

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ArenaNet has released their long list of patch notes that coincides with the Guild Wars 2: Jormag Rising release. As is par for the course with ArenaNet patches, there are a number of items added and changed, in addition to the Jormag Rising content that come in the form of bug fixes, skill balances, and new promotions and items.

While the big show clearly points to Jormag Rising being the big, beefy main course of the patch notes, an additional posting of “Late Notes” were added that confirmed several skill changes, and some minor changes to World vs World Dragon Banner skills. Is Jormag Rising a reason to hop into Guild Wars 2? Check out our impressions of the new content and judge for yourself. The list of both what was changed and added in its entirety can be seen on the Guild Wars 2 forum post related to the update.


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