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Guild Wars 2 is Holding Its Sixth WvW Restructuring Beta Starting Today

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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ArenaNet continues working on its plans to revamp World vs World in Guild Wars 2. The sixth WvW Restructuring beta test begins today.

With the latest Guild Wars 2 weekly reset, there will be the start of a new beta event for WvW. This is the latest in a series of beta tests that will help shape the eventual format of WvW. If you’ve already selected a guild to participate with, then you should be able to access the beta when it opens.

Those participating will help the devs with data, of course, and should be prepared for whatever a beta can bring. ANet is offering some stuff for your time, with achievements up for grabs, along with a new War Machine weapon skin. Throughout the beta, the Call of War bonus will be active. 

This test will run through December 9th’s weekly reset.

If you’ve got a guild set, you may have also seen a select a team option in the UI for the beta. Some have asked what impact, if any, this might have on the test, and an official dev response noted that:

“Selecting a Team won't have any impact unless you have not played WvW recently. Even then, it won't apply until after the beta begins and any selection made prior to that will be discarded. We found this issue yesterday be [sic] decided not to delay the beta for it. Work is being done to prevent it from being a problem going forward. “

It isn’t clear what happens if you have been away from WvW for a while in regards to this team option. However, it doesn’t seem like it’s expected to be a major issue.

With the decision not to delay this beta, one thing that is notable is that the announcement of a confirmed test came less than 24 hours before the start.

For more, head to Guild Wars 2. 


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