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Guild Wars 2 is Going Spooky With the Return of Shadow of the Mad King

Annual Halloween event is back

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If you've been itching to have some spooky fun in Tyria, well you're in luck, since Guild Wars 2 is bringing back Shadow of the Mad King next week.

The annual Halloween event is back starting on October 5th and running through November 2nd. Each race gets festive decorations around the capitol. Once the festivities begin, you'll be able to travel between Tyria and the Mad Realm, which brings on all the spooky and sweet treats you might want. However, with the Mad Realm passage open, it means the residents on the other side are also able to pass through.

Expect armies of the undead, Skeletal Lich, Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn, and Lanyrinthine Horror. And a whole series of fun events. These include a mount-based labyrinth race, a PvP rumble where you can compete to grab pumpkins while you spawn skeletons to attack the other team's base. Mad King Says is a Halloween Simon Says where playing means follow the directions to win some prizes, and don't be tricked. Overall, you’ll be able to fight, race, and otherwise play to whatever you like most and walk away with some fun loot.

Stepping into the Mad King's Raceway will also lead to mount races, and even more challenges. For mount races, you'll be able to rent some when a specific mount is necessary. There are lots of repeat events happening and even something new to be discovered. All the fun and candy has a point though, since there's lots of gear and other rewards to earn while you party and enjoy the spooky decorations.

There will also be a special XP bonus in effect from October 5th through November 12th. If you get a character to level 10, you'll get a special weapon whose power will grow with you. Find out more in the official Guild Wars 2 Halloween event announcement.


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