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Guild Wars 2 Introduces End of Dragon's New Map, Echovald Wilds

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Guild Wars 2 is giving us another peek at what awaits in End of Dragons when it’s out in February.. Today, ArenaNet introduced us to the Echovald Wilds, a new area to explore and get involved in the story.

According to the new preview, these lands were once an ancient forest that was frozen in time as a consequence of "a traitor's death wail". Lore is going to be important here, as it has been in Tyria. This introduction to a slice of the Canthan continent already holds a lot of promise in just where it might take adventurers that want to explore and dive deep into the history of a completely new continent to explore, learn more about, and face new challenges too.

In a video offering a glimpse at what to expect, we see impressive large scale cathedrals and towers once built by the Kurzick people. These big structures, left in the emptiness, have been taken over by moss and decay. These were once silent and empty lands but now, they are also lands where growth happens, but the decay remains. Oh, and there's plenty of danger awaiting those who set foot on this new map. So be prepared to advance your characters into their new elite specializations and face these new dangers in mysterious lands.

Echovald Wilds is just one of the new areas waiting in End of Dragons. After introducing us to Shing Jea last month, this new area continues with more of a taste of what's to come. ArenaNet has just a few months before release, so these previews should keep coming regularly. And if you're looking forward to exploring more in the new expansion, Echovald Wilds may offer you a mix of reward and danger for doing so. 

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