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Guild Wars 2 Getting End of Dragons Special Launch Month Streams, With Release Date Coming on February 1st

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With Guild Wars 2 launching End of Dragons In February, the time has come to prepare for ramping up towards release. The ArenaNet team has already previewed a few features and dropped hints on a couple of things on their live streams, but now comes the road to launch with a whole packed schedule.

First things first, End of Dragons official release date will be announced on February 1st.  The expansion was delayed until February but ArenaNet never confirmed a date. Although on the livestream schedule it says launch day celebration will be in “late February”, giving us a clue as to when we might see the actual expansion, we will know the official date in about a week.

Their launch month livestream schedule will be taking us through new areas and previews. It all begins on the February 4th stream with the new Kaineng City map tour, which is the first of multiple previews of the month. February 11th will take us through the Jade Tech Mastery preview. While previous previews hinted at the importance that Jade Tech will play, including a peek at the frozen Jade Sea, and Jade Tech in the elite specializations previewed in beta and announced last year, now we're getting really into what it means. So we’ll get to learn what this mastery will bring to the game. February 18th brings the End of Dragons music preview for Guild Wars 2. And late February is that Launch Day celebration.

With End of Dragons, a whole new chapter will begin in Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet has recently allowed us to share some of our experiences in the expansion, (and you can read that preview here if you missed it).

There's a whole lot coming in this very packed expansion content, and you can find out more about the release month schedule here over at Guild Wars 2. 


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