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Guild Wars 2 Finally Launches On Steam As ArenaNet Celebrates The MMO's 10th Anniversary

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 has finally been released on Steam, bringing the free-to-play MMO and its expansions to the platform. 

After being revealed the MMO was coming to the platform quite a while ago, ArenaNet has finally brought it to the Steam launcher, opening the world of Tyria up to a new group of players. The MMO, which is free-to-play until you hit the expansions, is available to download starting today, with the expansions available for purchase as well. Currently Guild Wars 2 sits at the top of the New & Trending page on Steam.

Veteran players shouldn't rush to Steam and start downloading, though, as ArenaNet states that existing Guild Wars 2 accounts won't be transferrable to Steam and vice versa. If you play on Steam, it'll be a brand new account.

ArenaNet is also celebrating Guild Wars 2's 10th Anniversary with a new event, seeing new achievements and tasks for players to complete. Doing so earns players Proofs of Legends, which can earn a new armor set, the Decade's armor, as well as the Decade's War cape skin.

"As you complete these tasks you’ll earn Proofs of Legend, which can be traded in for the new Decade’s armor set. Characters who are turning ten themselves will also receive an extra Proof of Legend to kickstart their collection. Speak to an ancient armorsmith in one of the capital cities or Lion’s Arch to trade in your Proofs of Legend and collect your rewards. Complete enough achievements and you’ll also unlock the Decade’s War cape skin and your choice of a weapon from the new Dragon Decade set."

Today's release also has seen the launch of Twitch Drops, bringing in-game rewards for watching Twitch streams. Rewards drop today through August 28th bringing in-game boosters, revive orbs, cosmetics, and more.


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