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Guild Wars 2 EU Servers Restored Following Weekend Rollback

But be sure to check your accounts

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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We wrote yesterday how Guild Wars 2’s EU servers appeared to experience a rollback. It looks like that has now been resolved.

The issue appeared when several players noticed their characters and accounts being rolled back over the weekend and sharing their experiences on Reddit. One such player commented,

“Based on my rollback of WvW pip progression to gold chest from repeatable one (I played reset night from 18 pm UTC till around 4 am, everything above midnight is gone).”

At the time, the ArenaNet team were aware of the issue,  but had not fixed it. It appears that the issue today has now been resolved. In a series of posts on the forums, the team kept the community updated with progress.

As of early this morning, the team has started re-opening servers in the EU region. Finally, we received an update indicating that maintenance had been completed,

“Thank you for your patience. Maintenance has concluded and you should be able to log in to GW2 on EU servers again.

As part of the fix, we have restored all EU player accounts to their standing at roughly 2:40 AM PT on May 11. We're continuing to help players who are still missing items, or who made gem purchases or in-game transactions after that point. Please check your account carefully. If you find that you are still missing items or account progress, submit a ticket and Customer Support will help you as soon as possible.

We apologize for the frustration and inconvenience this incident caused and are exploring ways to make up the downtime to our player community.”

There you have it. You should be good to go now on EU servers, but be sure to check your account and characters.


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