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Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Third Elite Specialization Beta is Now Live

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The third elite specialization event for Guild Wars 2 is now live, and players will be able to test out the Specter, the Untamed, and the Mechanist this time around. 

In order to access the specializations, you’ll see some beta character slots when you log in. Test whichever ones you want with fully leveled characters that will disappear after the event. 

So will you take on the Specter, with a scepter and shadow magic to help control dark forces and win the day or help your allies? The Untamed, using a large hammer and sharing forces of nature energy with your pets? Or a Mechanist, with your jade tech battle mech that you can customize for whatever role you need? This is the third round of testing, so if you’ve participated before, you know how it works by now.

You’ll be able to test out these characters in any part of Tyria that you have unlocked, and anyone can play since there’s no new End of Dragons area included. All of these characters that you test out in beta will be deleted after the event. There are a handful of limitations, like you can’t participate in ranked PVP with them or access anything like your bank that you have for your regular characters. Other things you can’t do with beta characters are use the trading post, mail gold or items, and, in other words these are all temporary so anything you earn or do on the beta characters will stay there.

Some of the other details in the update include some bug fixes to skills for the Ranger, thief, and soul beast, as well as fixing some crashes in the DirectX 11 beta.

If you want to know more about the Elite specializations featured in this beta, you can check out the announcement of the beta live here on the Guild Wars 2 site.


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