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Guild Wars 2 Drops Legendary Armory, Twisted Marionette In Today's Update

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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ArenaNet has released the long-awaited legendary armory update for Guild Wars 2, as well as the Twisted Marionette with today's update.

The major update that is sure to draw many player's interest is the legendary armory. It effectively makes the legendary items on your characters more account-bound, allowing players to share these legendaries across each of their characters. Players are still limited to the amount of  the same type of legendary they could normally only have in their amory, but it allows players to ensure that they needn't transfer these items manually now.

The armory will begin to populate once you log into each of your characters on your account, and this will only apply to bound legendaries. Unbound legendary items will still be trade-able, according to the patch notes, meaning if you were holding onto something until you finished that trade negotiation, you needn't worry about it disappearing with the update.

Also coming today is the Twisted Marionette, an old boss from Guild Wars 2's past. Players will be able to take on the Twisted Marionette in a new battle available via the Scrying Pool in the Eye of the North. The encounter has been updated according to ArenaNet, bringing a new challenge even to those who remember her wrath years ago. 

You can check out the full notes for today's update on the official websiteGuild Wars 2 recently announced that their upcoming expansion, End of Dragons, was being delayed into 2022, though eager players can still hope to see their first glimpse of the MMO expansion on July 27th. 


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