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Guild Wars 2 Discusses Designing the Steel Warband

A ton of considerations into the final design

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Guild Wars 2 post looks at designing the Steel Warband in Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire.

The post was put together by Chloe, one of the Living World designers for that release. The post discusses how the team wanted to build a living world a little differently than they did in the past. They mainly looked at blending strong narratives, tons of in-game rewards, and widely appealing gameplay.

The post continues, discussing how the team went about brining the steel warband to life, including rewarding the players with memorable engagements, replayability, and more. For example, when discussing replayability, the team notes there were two things they kept in their minds,

“When creating this release’s highly replayable content, two of the things we kept at the forefront of our minds were balancing gameplay with storytelling and creating events that remained fun after many playthroughs. With large amounts of dialog, it was important that it blended well with gameplay without it causing lulls in action.”

Be sure to check out the rest of the post here.


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