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Guild Wars 2 Delays Release of Harvest Temple Strike Mission Challenge Mode For Extra Testing and Polish

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Harvest Temple Strike Mission Challenge Mode, set to arrive in Guild Wars 2 as part of content coming on June 7th, has been pushed back to June 28th to give the team more time to test and polish the mode.

The delay was shared with the community along with a message from Lead Systems Designer Cameron Rich, who explained that the delay of several weeks was so that the team could have some more time to work on getting things right.

We've made the decision to delay the release of the Harvest Temple: Challenge Mode from June 7 to June 28. We designed Harvest Temple: Challenge Mode to be one of the most difficult and demanding experiences the game has to offer, and this additional time means we can put the content through furthThank you for your patience and your continued support. We believe this encounter will be worth the wait.er testing and polish to help ensure we hit our mark.

For those looking for extra rewards and challenge for completing this group PvE challenge will have to wait just a bit longer. With End of Dragons a success for ArenaNet and adding these Challenge Modes an ongoing process, it makes sense that if there would be any delay, that it would be for tuning and polish. 

While the expansion hit a high mark for Guild Wars 2, there were multiple tweaks to the end encounter to help players to complete it, as well as additional fixes to tune the encounter. This is nothing new for an MMORPG, but it might reflect taking a bit more time to get things in better shape. 

For now, End of Dragons’ Strike Missions, Aetherblade Hideout, Xunial Jade Junkyard, Kaineng Overlook, and Harvest Temple, are still available in their normal modes. Xunial Jade Junkyard got its own Challenge Mode last month.

You can read Cameron Rich’s full comments on the delay announcement over at Guild Wars 2.


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