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Guild Wars 2 Complete Edition Launches On Steam August 23rd, Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 is finally making the jump to Steam later this month, hitting the platform on August 23rd. 

Having been teased for quite a whileGuild Wars 2 is finally hitting the platform, coinciding with its 10th anniversary this month. The MMORPG from ArenaNet will be available as both its paid version, as well as the free-to-play variety of Guild Wars 2

Coming along with the Steam launch is a new version of Guild Wars 2. The new content bundle is called Guild Wars 2 Complete Edition, giving players access to all three expansions released and the five seasons of the episodic Living World collection. However, be prepared to pay a hefty amount for the content, clocking in at $98.97 for the content. However, it does give you access to all the major narrative arcs and updates over the ten years of Guild Wars 2, including this year's excellent End of Dragons expansion.

Also coming with the Steam launch also coincides with the MMO supporting Twitch Drops. Starting on August 23rd, players will be able to log into  Twitch and earn in-game rewards such as outfits, boosters and more. The first campaign is set to run from August 23rd-28th.

You can learn more about Guild Wars 2's Steam launch on its official Steam listing


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