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Guild Wars 2 Class Balance Changes Coming Tomorrow In Latest Patch

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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The latest patch for ArenaNet's MMORPG, Guild Wars 2, is slated to hit tomorrow, and with it multiple changes to balance the game's classes. Every class is affected by these changes, fixing bugs and balancing the class with the current meta.

The Balance Notes, released ahead of tomorrow's patch, highlight the individual changes to each profession in Guild Wars 2, such as changes to the Elementalist trait Speedy Conduit - it's being removed and its functionality is merged with Harmonious Conduit, as well as being replaced by Gathered Focus. Guardians can see damage increases and decreases to skills in PvE, as well as changes to scepter damage and sword damage to ensure the best melee damage option for the guardian isn't a ranged weapon. 

You can read the full patch notes on the Guild Wars 2 website. It's extensive, and the team goes into some detail as to why they made some of the balance changes to each class, which is nice to see overall. The balance changes should be hitting the servers tomorrow, so bear in mind the changes when you log back in this week.


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