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Guild Wars 2 Brings Back Dragon Bash Next Week, and The Original Festival in Sky Pirates

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With the return of Living World Season 1 to Guild Wars 2 and the number of players finishing up the story of End of Dragons, it seems like the perfect time to continue with the celebrations with the return of Dragon Bash.

The original Dragon Bash event was a celebration after the defeat of Zhaitan, the Elder Dragon known as the Dragon of Death and Shadow. It was a hard won and intense victory, and everyone was relieved and celebrating at what was thought of as an impossible victory. So they took to the streets and celebrated. Dragon Bash, the event, was born. 

And then it disappeared. Originally celebrated at Lion’s Arch, the festival ran in 2013 and didn’t return until 2019, this time based in Hoelbrak. This year, the festival runs from June 7-28th, and you’ll be able to sing, play games, and of course, get yourself some special rewards. The festival usually includes celebrations like  making the dragon bash literal with some dragon pinatas. You can race moas, take on instances like the Dragon Arena, a race, a rally, and even a pinata bashing Adventure.

Differences between the festivals each year do happen. The original run in 2013 had several activities like the Dragon Ball Arena, dragon effigies, and a fireworks finale to cap the celebration.

Because Living World Season 1 has returned and is being released episodically as free content for all, this year will be a little different for another reason. You have the chance to attend the original celebration in the newest episode, Sky Pirates. 

Whether you’re just up for some rewards and fun to commemorate the victory over Zhaitan, feeling like End of Dragons got you in the mood for this celebration as well, you’ll be able to celebrate in a few ways when it all begins next week.

For more, see the announcement at Guild Wars 2.


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