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Guild Wars 2 Balances Professions, Adds Some Randomize Options to Keep Things Surprising

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Guild Wars 2’s latest update includes the latest round of profession balance changes, new World vs World reward tweaks and activity incentives. There are some quality of life updates as well, including randomization options.

When it comes to World versus World, the team has made some changes to rewards for attacking and defending towers, keeps, and Stonemist Castle. There will be greater rewards depending on both the number of opposing players are participating in the battle, and the upgrade tier of the objective. With these changes, there are also some new rewards added.

You can now favorite outfits, gliders, mounts, miniatures, and mail carriers. But wait, there’s more. If you have ever thought you needed a little more chaos in your life, there’s a new randomize checkbox on all of the tabs for those item categories.  Choose this and add a little randomness to your adventuring. Every time you summon a glider or a mount, a random favorited skin will be used, or if you have not set any favorites, one of your unlocked skins will be applied. When you load onto a map, and you have that checkbox applied, you will load in with random favorited outfits, miniatures, and mail carriers. 

There’s also a button to let you randomize your skins and dyes, as well as Total Makeover Kit and Self-Style Hair kits if you really want to go all in on a randomized new look. Things in Tyria just might be about to get much more unpredictable. And who knows, maybe that player you earned some new WvW drops off of will show up this week looking freshly styled.

When it comes to the balance changes, the team had already laid out that they’re working to balance viability and power in PvE, PvP, and WvW, so these balance changes are no longer separate. Expect a number of changes to skills, abilities, cooldowns, and a lot more based on the power of each class, its use, and of course, the meta. 

Guild Wars 2 is also rolling out its DirectX 11 conversion from now through April. Eventually, DX9 will no longer be supported.

Read the full update details over at Guild Wars 2.


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