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Guild Wars 2 April Fool's Day Update Must Be Seen to Be Believed (Spoilers)


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new update for Guild Wars 2 is now live. And, um, just read on.

Upon logging in, you’ll receive a mail message from the King of All Cats containing several Chatoyant Elixirs.

SPOILER ALERT for those who want to go into this completely blind.

Drinking this Chatoyant Elixir will give you a buff with the following effects:

  • Cats visible only to the player periodically spawn in areas surrounding the player.

If you run over to one of these cats, you’ll receive an existing boon buff, like Might. And from here, you’ll be able to see Giant Cats in the environment.

According to the press release, there are seven Giant cats, one in each capital city, one in Lion's Arch, and one outside of Lion’s Arch in Gendarren Fields. The buff can be removed by overwriting it with a normal buff item like a Focusing Crystal, or will remove itself when the April Fool’s event expires


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