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Guild Wars 2 'All or Nothing' Short Stories Premiers with Rytlock

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The Guild Wars 2 site has been updated with the first in a trilogy of short stories featuring some of the well-known voices in the world and their feelings about the aftermath of "All or Nothing". The first short story features Rytlock and was penned by Alex Kain from the ArenaNet Narrative team with illustrations provided by "creative partner" Jerome Jacinto.

“I don’t know.” The words hit me like three shots to the chest—those spiked Iron Legion rounds that shatter apart and lodge in your sternum. We stared. Not at the body—at the commander. Where was the plan? The next great idea? There was always another plan. This one was supposed to be a triumph, our killing blow. Burn me, even prophecy was on our side! And then it was over.

Read the full story on the Guild Wars 2 site.


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