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Guild Wars 2 Adds Vendor for Siege Turtle Egg, Tweaks Mechanist and Catalyst for Better Balance

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 The Guild Wars 2 team has made it possible to get yourself a Siege Turtle Egg from the newly added vendor in Dragon’s End. This alternative comes after repeated difficulty for many players in completing The Battle for the Jade Sea event and claiming the egg as a reward.

This new option to buy one for 200 Writs of Dragon’s End adds another, slower, way to obtain one if the huge encounter is too frustrating. Getting the egg will unlock the Siege Turtle mount collection, so it’s now one way to open this widely-featured new mount to more players. Additionally, the Hero’s Choice chests have been added to the End of Dragons meta event rewards list.

Also in the newer patches are some crash fixes for crashes related to fishing rod skins. The Avid Fisher collections have also been enabled, so those looking to go fishing should now be in luck. The female Charr will also no longer roll their eyes back into their heads while fishing.

The Mechanist gets a fix, since the Jade Mech was accidentally given higher stats than intended sometimes during PvP. The mech has also been tuned a bit otherwise since it’s pretty tanky. The Mechanist is also getting feedback that it’s clunky to use overall, so the team is also speeding up the animations for Energizing Slam and removing the delay after impact impeding player movement or skill choice. The mace is getting some small changes that should work better with condition and support builds. 

Also getting some new adjustments is the Catalyst, which has hit hard and turned out too strong in group content. Their intent was to make the Catalyst quick and strong, but found that “our other professions require a damage tradeoff in trait selection to bring a strong boon support role while the catalyst currently does not, leading to the catalyst dealing about a third more damage than other quickness support options”.

Changes to the Catalyst aim to put it in line with other damage dealing and to also adjust to lend support to PvE boon support builds too. The latter comes with a base duration increase of Jade Sphere boons to 100% in PvE.

For the list of changes and the newest patch notes, see the update at Guild Wars 2.


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