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Guild Wars 2 2023 Roadmap is Coming, and ArenaNet Reveals a Few Details For Now

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Guild Wars 2  will be getting a 2023 roadmap soon. Really, ArenaNet says. The actual roadmap, which they know the community has been anticipating, will be out “in just a few weeks”, but there are a couple of peeks at what to expect from the January 31st update and more of what they’re working on.

The promised WvW revamp continues, and there will be an outline of what kinds of quality of life changes are coming to WvW coming tomorrow, January 27th. Working in the scope of previous announcements to release balance change patch notes and descriptions ahead of time for community feedback, a new edition of these changes will be published for perusal on February 3rd. 

The Guild Wars 2 Twitter also shared two details - one is a heavily redacted text that says “roadmap graphic” and “summon roadmap” with a little big-eyes ASCII character doing the summoning. The summoning hasn’t worked yet, but those efforts should come to fruition soon. The little scrap also says “Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. Speaking of which…”, which opens up another mystery. Or does it? ANet will have to let us know.

There’s another detail revealed about a new feature on the way too. Next Tuesday, in the January 31st update, one new feature has to do with the cute little jade bot that originally appeared in the End of Dragons expansion. The jade bot is getting mobile, with jade bot terminals being added to Lion’s Arch and every racial capital city in the update. This means that you’ll be able to take your little jade bot outside Cantha.

The jade bot being on the move is the one major detail that we’ve had a reveal like this for. More will definitely be on the way soon. The WvW outline will kick things off with more info tomorrow.

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