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Guild War 2 Update Addresses Many Frustrating End of Dragons Bugs, Fixes Jade Bot

The End of Dragons soundtrack is also out on streaming

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Several issues that arrived with the release of End of Dragons  have now been fixed by the Guild Wars 2 team. The list of fixes in today's update include crashes, problems with the jade bot controls, and other frustrating errors.

Yesterday's list of known issues included a problem with the new jade bot. The new system in place for the launch of End of Dragons included a backup feature that still let players access all of the bot’s features when they needed to progress, although the system was described as a little rough but functional. The update today fixes this issue with the bot’s console. Another issue that has been fixed with today's patch is a bug that was preventing activity completion made on the Jade Sea map from adding to your achievement progress. Other known issues, such as those affecting the brand new Siege Turtle mount, are still waiting for a fix.

A server crash issue has been patched, and other errors like unblockable abilities that weren’t actually unblockable, some items not intended to be sellable made sellable, the Mechanist's mech not properly scaling attributes in lower-level maps (under 80), to equipment not delivering the advertised stats. Overall, today’s patch begins to chip away at the number of bugs that could be frustrating.

While the work continues, the rollout of End of Dragons has been well received, with the new region, the influence of jade, and even the music standing out. ArenaNet has been sharing some clips from the expansion’s brand new soundtrack (as well as remixes), which has been added to all major streaming platforms. 

With the expansion and its music drawing from a pan-East Asian influence, its composer, Maclaine Diemer, reflected on the concepts and origins of the 58-track score. “There is the familiar grand and beautiful orchestra, some otherworldly acoustic and synthetic textures, and at the heart of it all is a strong influence from traditional Korean music, “ he said in a release.

For more on the full update notes for today’s patch, see the update over at Guild Wars 2.


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