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Guardians of the Underrealm Won't Let Mage Through in Ashes of Creation Pre-Alpha Footage

Magey McMagerFace

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Ashes of Creation pre-alpha clip shows a mage getting possibly more than he bargained for.

The clip stars a mage with the excellent name, Magey McMagerFace, as he explore some ruins. In good form, he runs into three Guardians of the Underrealm and quite a lot of AOE explosions proceed. It’s a short, but fun, glimpse into the pre-alpha as it stands currently.

While the clip is short, you get an idea of some of the creature design, the surrounding environment, and of course, some spell work by our brave mage. In relevant news, a recent community newsletter shared some of the favorite non-progression activities of the community. The replies from the community varied from exploration, to hunting, to role-playing, and more.


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