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Guardians of Ember Shutting Down in February

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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MMO Guardians of Ember announced it will be shut down on February 14.

The news comes via Facebook and Twitter. The reason, it seems, is due to the discontinuation of the contract between Runewaker (the developers) and Gameforge (the publishers). The servers are set to shut down on February 14 as a result. The team outlines next steps,

“- As there are no other official servers for Guardians of Ember being run by other providers, there will be no character transfers.

- Our payment service will be deactivated today, making it no longer possible to buy premium currency. Any existing currency you have can still be used to purchase items in the shop until the final shutdown. Bundles are no longer available.”

The post concludes with the team thanking the fans for their support,

“We’d like to share our heartfelt thanks with everyone in the community, you’ve been amazing! It was our honour to fight alongside you. We wish you all the very best for the future – maybe we’ll meet again on another battlefield!”


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