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GTA Online's December Update Brings New Vehicles, Ray Tracing, and More

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GTA Online's December update has been detailed on Rockstar's Newswire, and while those details are a bit scant, we do have some information about what to expect with the update due later this month.

GTA Online has been making improvements over the past year, most notably the Criminal Enterprises update earlier this year that made many missions available in private servers after years of requiring players to be in a public realm to do them. The upcoming update focuses on "improvements based largely on player feedback," according to Rockstar. These improvements include some love for Freemode, QoL changes for your contact list in your Interaction Menu, vehicle purchases appearing faster in your garage, and more. 

Players will also have access to the Declasse Tahome Coupe for free for a limited time in-game, thanks to the results of the recent Heists Challenge that saw the community get GTA$ 4 trillion collectively.

Probably most exciting for console fans, especially those on current-gen systems, is the introduction of ray-traced reflections to GTA Online. This will add real-time reflections to surfaces in-game, though currently, it'll only be available on Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. No indication of timing - or if at all - these reflections will come to PC.

While the full notes posted aren't as wide-ranging as you'd expect going into an update (we also do not have a release date for this update across the various platforms), Rockstar did tease a bit more to come as well at the end of the post. 

A new multi-part update is coming that will see players travel across Blaine County to work with a "new troupe of entrepreneurial misfits" aimed at expanding "the minds of the citizens of Los Santos."

"These experience improvements and more will arrive alongside the next GTA Online update for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, coming later this month. Take a walk on the wild side of Blaine County in the first installment of a massive multi-part update taking you all across the expanse of Southern San Andreas, featuring some familiar faces and a new troupe of entrepreneurial misfits on a mission to expand the minds of the citizens of Los Santos, one trip at a time. Plus, expect a fleet of new vehicles, world events, Contact Missions, and more."

You can check out the full details on the Rockstar Wire post.


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