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GTA Online Revving Up Triple Bonuses This Week

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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GTA Online is revving up the bonuses this week. Take part in a few challenges for boosted RP and GTA$ this week, a free hoodie, and maybe win the car of the week.

If you haven't stepped into Los Santos in a while, it's a good week to get back as there is a triple GTA$ and RP bonus in effect for participating in a round of Deadline. If you're feeling up to taking on the arena and blasting others with a light from your Shotaro, then you might win big, but even just entering will net something extra. There are certainly less flashy ways to go out, or to take the crown. Even if your bike winds up an exploded wreck, you'll still get rewarded. Well, that's one way to tempt people to enter the arena and compete. 

There are other bonuses in effect too, with MC Sell Missions giving twice the usual GTA$. The Pursuit Series is also giving out double rep for competing LS Car Meet members. Live dangerously, compete and maybe walk away with some extra rep for your time and efforts. Also for the LS Car Meet members is a prize challenge. If you’re up to the task, keep competing daily. If you end up in the top 5 for four days in a row, you'll get a free Karin Previon. 

Other fun with vehicles to be had is through the test track. The Emperor Vectre, Karin Futo GTX, and Dinka Jester RR are there this week. And the Diamond Casino lucky wheel has the Nagasaki Outlaw on the podium, along with other prizes to be won.

However, the easiest bonus will be the free Nagasaki hoodie you can get just for logging in. 

These bonuses are mostly in effect through September 29th. For more on the descriptions and details, check out the official announcement from Rockstar.


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