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Group Ironman Comes to Old School RuneScape With Live Stream Event on Wednesday

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Old School RuneScape community will be able to check out a Group Ironman stream this coming Wednesday, October 6th. The feature, which also launches that day, has been on the team's wishlist for three years, but they still had to bring Clans to reality first to set the stage. Well, things are finally ready for Group Ironman, and this streaming event will showcase it.

There's an update from Mod Elena in the latest version of the Gielinor Gazette, which also features the official stream announcement and a list of new team members and further updates. Elena helped develop the feature, and the post explains the long process from idea, through planning, and finally through being able to set things in motion after Clans were released in May. Development on this mode was able to begin in August with a team of six developers working on it.

So far, the schedule for the update is as planned. On Wednesday, the Worlds will go offline at 10am BST/5am Eastern and then will come up again one hour later with the new update. The stream, which will feature Twitch streamers like Mizkif, SuperSpicyMatt, Esfand, Gigguk, and Tectone, will take place throughout the day. The first stream will start at around 7pm BST/ 2pm Eastern, and the final stream will be at 12am, 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific.

Though there has been some criticism for bringing in other streamers than the ones who are streaming RuneScape regularly, there's no doubt that launching this new co-op experience and featuring other streamers could bring some new viewers. Old School RuneScape still has an incredibly dedicated community after many years, and it’s not surprising that there’s excitement around the addition of this new co-op option and plans to show it off via streams to both the community already poised to tune in and others who might discover something new. 


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