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Grinding Gear Games Explain What Happened with Path of Exile's Servers

Database overload

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Path of Exile servers encountered issues over the weekend, and developers Grinding Gear Games have provided an explanation of what happened.

Echoes of the Atlas, the latest expansion for Path of Exile, launched on Friday for PC. If you missed our coverage, check out the patch notes, the passive skill trees, and the balance changes which arrived with the expansion.

Unfortunately, servers struggled resulting in player disconnects, serverside timeouts, and items being duplicated. GGG explained that this expansion experienced 11% higher peak players than previous releases – a number which would be larger if not for the server issues.

It seems that he database servers were overloaded which caused several failures like save failures and duplicate items. The team announced the ordering of new hardware,

“In the meantime, we're ordering some hardware upgrades and plan to put this in place as soon as possible. This may involve a quick realm restart or some downtime, and we'll keep you posted with updates to this thread as we get a better idea of timing.”

As of Sunday morning, it looks like the servers were back as announced in Discord. Are you still experiencing weird issues?


Poorna Shankar