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Grinding Gear Details Path of Exile Balance Changes Ahead of Delve Launch

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When the Delve expansion launches for Path of Exile on August 31st, it will come packed with a number of tweaks to balance. Grinding Gear devs have posted a detailed list of systems and abilities that will be changing with Delve's launch. In addition, and later today, the team will be posting the full update notes "alongside the Item Filter and Passive Tree Data you'll need to start planning your builds and guides".

Players will find significant changes in areas including Trap Throw Time, Instant Skills, Spell Block, Movement Skills, Shield Charge and several others.

Bow Passives Now Affect Skill Damage Over Time Previously, almost all weapon passives gave damage from ailments with attack skills while wielding a weapon of their type. They now grant a bonus to damage over time instead, letting them boost the damage of Caustic Arrow, Toxic Rain, and Decay. Secondary Damage Sources of Secondary Damage, like corpse explosions or the blasts from Explosive Arrow, can now be blocked or dodged. The block and dodge type required is based on the source of the secondary damage. This is to make Explosive Arrow easier to mitigate in PvP, but also prevents certain monster abilities like corpse destruction bypassing defences of block or dodge based characters.

Read the full list on the Path of Exile site.

You can also learn more about Challenge Rewards by visiting the PoE site.


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