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Grim Challenge Returns to Albion Online All Month Long

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Albion Online’s Grim Challenge is back all month long giving you plenty of time to unlock seasonal furniture, an avatar ring, and a pest lizard.

During the Grim Challenge, you’ll be able to earn points as you complete various open world activities, unlock chests for loot, and more. The pest lizard this month is described as a sleek mount which includes a Toxic Cloud. This ability will cause your enemies who touch the lizard to become disoriented for a short period of time.

A new avatar ring is also on offer, called the Grim Challenge avatar ring. Fitting, considering the challenge is called Grim Challenge. Anyway, the ring features an iron framing and is non-tradeable. It’ll be unlocked for one character. Alternatively, you can trade to the vanity merchant for one Vanity Token.

Of course, you can expect seasonal specials during the Grim Challenge. This will allow you to grab rewards like Adventurer's Tomes, Silver, and resources. Additionally, you can unlock four new furniture items in the Empty Coffin, Grim Gravestone, Grim Lantern, and Weeping Woman Statue.

You can learn more about this month’s Grim Challenge here. Elswhere in Albion Online, the new soundtrack is set to arrive this month for Lands Awakened. You can learn more about the new soundtrack with Senior Audio Designer Marie Havemann here. Speaking of Lands Awakened, you can learn more about the update set to arrive later this month here.


Poorna Shankar