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Greg Street Steps Down From Executive Producer Role On Riot Game's Upcoming MMORPG

Citing a 'combo of personal and professional' reasons

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Riot Games' Executive Producer on their upcoming MMO project, Greg Street, has stepped down. Street announced the news on Twitter, citing a combo of personal and professional reasons as to why he was stepping away from the project.

Street has been serving as the executive producer on Riot's upcoming MMO, which was announced in December 2020, though he's been at Riot for nine years serving as its Head of Creative Development and a Lead Game Designer for the company. Before that, Greg Street was known for his work as lead systems designer on World of Warcraft.

Posted today on Twitter, Street announced he would be stepping down from the Riot MMO, praising the team that has been built to work on the much-anticipated game from Riot Games, and stating that it was in "good hands."

"Hey internet, Thanks for all the support over the past few months while I was afk," Street wrote on Twitter. He continued: " I am back now with some big news to share: I have decided to step down from my role at Riot Games[.]"

He went on to explain that the reason behind this decision was a mix of both personal and professional reasons. Street, back in December, posted that he, unfortunately, had just lost his brother while also learning that his father was in ailing health as well. Street states that the decision to step away from the Riot MMO is a result of wanting to "be closer" to his family.

Street, also known by his handle "Ghostcrawler" says that while he was away he had the chance to think about his career. 

"Grief has a way of really bringing into focus what matters the most to you {still don't recommend it overall though}," Greg Street said in the Twitter thread. "And after nine years at Riot it feels like it's time for something new!"

Ghostcrawler isn't stepping away from game dev, however, and mentions he's had "a number of exciting opportunities" come his way. However, the League of Legends MMO Riot has been working on for years will continue under new leadership, with a team Street can't help but call "amazing" in his parting thread.

Riot's MMO has been in development for years now, and Street would interact with fans on Twitter to talk about potential game design concepts, ideas and more that might not necessarily make it into the final LoL MMO, but gave some incredible insight into the game development process. 

Riot Games' co-founder Marc Merrill took to a separate Twitter thread to talk about the change, stating that the MMO is "still in early development," but the team is excited about the direction. Merrill states that it will be a "VERY long road" to get to the finish line, comparing Street's tenure as the "amazing first leg" in the game dev marathon. Merrill doesn't mention in his thread who will be stepping into Street's role with Ghostcrawler stepping down.

Merrill closed his thread reminding people that the company is still hiring for the MMO, posting a link to the company's hiring page.

"In the meantime, we’re looking for the world’s best and brightest who LOVE MMOs. If you have ever dreamed of helping to build what we hope can be the world’s next incredible MMO - we’d love to hear from you."


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