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Grand Theft Auto VI Will Be Set in Fictional Miami and Feature a Playable Female Protagonist

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Weeks after confirming that Red Dead Online would be put in maintenance mode in order for Rockstar Games to focus on Grand Theft Auto VI and Grand Theft Auto Online, new details on just what Grand Theft Auto VI is going to look like have emerged through a report in Bloomberg.

With guesses pegging the release to be at least two years away, and possibly longer, there are at least some details that we can chew over until we know more for certain.

For the first time, Grand Theft Auto will have a playable female protagonist for the first time in its 3D era. She will be a Latina  who is one of two leads in a story influenced by Bonnie and Clyde. The GTA VI code name has been Project Americas and initially, the team wanted to make the world bigger than any GTA title and model the world after big parts of North and South America, but this has been scaled back. 

The game's actual map will be a fictional version of Miami and Rockstar plans on releasing the game as well as continuing to develop new content over time, adding missions, new cities, and more to the world post-launch. The world will still be large  there will be more interior locations in this game then in previous GTA titles.

With the recent story and narrative developments that have hit Grand Theft Auto Online, it does prove that Rockstar can produce quality contents that adds and expands  everything from vehicles, cities, interiors, maps, and features.

Development on the game has taken place since approximately 2014 and progress has taken longer than most would have anticipated. A related report says that Rockstar Games has reformed its office culture, and this contributed to reduction in crunch (something the new gradual post-launch release schedule is intended to continue to help) and better workplace culture that, yes, slowed down development a bit. The team also plans to be thoughtful in development and not “punch down” in its jokes.

Yet with one of the biggest franchises out there, and many waiting to see what comes next, these breadcrumbs will have to do for now.


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