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Grand Theft Auto Online's Latest Update Brings Buried Treasure To Cayo Perico, New Showroom Vehicles

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Grand Theft Auto Online's latest update gives players a reason to trawl the sands of Cayo Perico's beaches, as Rockstart has hidden buried stashes for players to discover. Additionally, new showroom vehicles have made their way to Los Santos, bonuses, and more.

The beaches of Cayo Perico have become the home of treasure hunters, combing the beaches with metal detectors looking for buried stashes. Players can hunt on the island's beach searching for these caches which will reward them with GTA$ and RP. 

GTA Online Buried Stashes

Additionally, the new Declasse Draugur is out in Los Santos, which Rockstar likens to a "titanium-reinforced nightmare" in today's Newswire post

"If you’re on the right side of the hood, it’s a rough and ready dream. If you’re on the wrong side, it’s a titanium-reinforced nightmare. Meet the Draugur — the bare-bones legend with extreme off-road capabilities. Summoned from the darkest corners of Declasse, the Draugur will get you to hell and back without a scratch. Or to your local Cluckin’ Bell. Same difference."

For those who want to see their cars up close and personal before they buy, new vehicles are available for a test drive at Simeon's showroom, including a pearlescent Black Enu Cognoscenti and the previously unavailable in GTA Online Declasse Tornado convertible decked out in Classic Cast Iron Silver.

New showroom cars in Luxury Autos can also be scoped out, such as the Pegassi Torero XO and the Overflod Autarch. And if you're feeling lucky, the Ubermacht Cypher is the new car at the Diamond Casino waiting to be won.

Other activities have been added, including new tracks in the LS Car Meet Ride, as well as players seeing costs for sourcing special cargo for their warehouses halved this week. Additionally, Rockstar is handing out extra GTA$ for completing an Executive Office Source Cargo mission.

You can check out the full update on the Rockstar Newswire. Recently, the new Criminal Enterprises update was pushed live in Los Santos, bringing new missions and massive changes to the online mode of GTA V. And thankfully, one of those changes was a welcome and long-overdue addition indeed.


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