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Grand Theft Auto Online Is Getting A New High-End Garage, New Drug Wars Content

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Players over the years in Grand Theft Auto V's online mode, GTA Online, have had time to collect everything from muscle cars to high-end futuristic flying motorbikes. And finally, there is a way to showcase them all with a new high-end garage coming with the next update to GTA Online.

Coming with the next update, alongside additions to the ongoing Los Santos Drug Wars storyline taking shape in GTA Online is a new Eclipse Blvd Garage that will allow players to showcase up to 50 of their vehicles in all their chrome glory. The new garage will feature new unique amenities across its five floors of garage space, as well as decoration styles that can be applied to each floor individually.

A new French-style vehicle is coming to take a spot in that new garage as well, as the update brings with a new Toundra Panthere sports car on Legendary Motorsport. The sports car might come in handy as well as new Stash Houses, Street Dealers and more are going to be unlocked as part of the ongoing Drug Wars escalation in GTA Online.

Via Rockstar's blog post:

"As the Fooliganz’ potent psychedelics worm their way further into the city’s nervous system, lawbreakers grow bolder and more brash than ever. Street Dealers are desperate for new hookups, while lowly criminals are busy sticking up storefronts around the city and rival gangs are setting up Stash Houses that are ripe to get ripped off. And dead drops in the form of G’s Caches are being left in public areas. Capitalize on these new developments to turn them into money-making opportunities."

These new stash houses contain GTA$, but will require players to clear them of enemies to get a chance at cracking the safe. Dead drops are also available to more descreetly deal when needing that influx of GTA cash to spend on the next ride, property, and more.

You can check out the full details on the Rockstar Wire. Recently, parent company Take-Two Interactive revealed that despite overall slowed consumer spending in the last quarter, GTA Online continues to exceed expectations.


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