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Grab Territory in Albion Online This Weekend, or Try to Defeat Uncle Frost for Yule Rewards

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Invasion Day is coming to Albion Online this weekend, with Saturday’s reset marking the first of season 14 and taking place after Lands Awakened changed the guild system and so much more. For those who need a bit of a break after competing for new territories and planning to launch attacks after the reset, there’s also the arrival of Uncle Frost.

Invasion Day is always big for Albion Online, but with the changes to the guild season, the addition of Might and Favor, and other changes to territories and headquarters, this season is shaping up to look different. Will some of the previously more dominant guilds continue to reign? Nothing will be known after this weekend, of course, but on Saturday, after the reset, we’ll get to see the earliest battles take place. 

There will be a stream covering the reset and subsequent fights (each of these on a 15-minute time delay for the broadcast) beginning at 12:30 PM Eastern /9:30 AM PDT on Saturday. At the top of the hour (1pm/10am), all will be able to claim their territories and begin attacking. The North American and South American time zones will see their resets in round two, with everything beginning at 7:30 PM EDT/ 4:30 PM PDT on Saturday. At the top of the hour, once again, the territory grabs and fighting will begin.

If you're leaving the land grabs to others this weekend, you can celebrate the Yuletide Festival. Log in for special gifts of snowballs and fireworks. It’s looking festive in the cities and if you venture into one of the dungeons (T4+ solo or randomized group dungeons), you have a chance to have Uncle Frost appear. Look for the Christmas trees. If you defeat him, you’ll earn a chest with Yule items, including your chance at the Yule Stag mount. 

For more on the reset and Invasion Day, see this update. For Yuletide, see this one at Albion Online.


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