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Grab Spooky New Items and a Mount in Nights of the Dead, Returning to EverQuest II

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 EverQuest is already celebrating Nights of the Dead, and now it's EverQuest II’s turn to join in on the spooky annual event. 

In EverQuest II, Norrath is a little bit haunted for the next several weeks through November 2nd when the event will end. There are ghouls and monsters to slay, as well as new and returning items. While there are still the usual events and quests to take on, there aren’t any new events or quest rewards.

New for this year’s event are 11 house and equipment items, ranging from decor to a brand new mount. You can get those items, as well as two new costume illusions from Lil’Boo, the event merchant for Nights of the Dead.  Haint will be around for items from older years of the event.

Also in Lil’Boo’s stock is a new holiday recipe book, "Celebrations of the Dead XV", with new recipes like the Pumpkin Canopy Bed and Teir’Dal Iron Maiden.

You’ll find Night of the Dead treats dropping from the undead and creepy crawlies found in Visions of Vetrovia. Collect these and sell them to a merchant or use them in trade skill development.

There are a number of quests and events going on related to the event, with a few differences between the live servers and special rules servers. On Varsoon, there’s a Nights of the Dead merchant, and on Kaladim, Kael Drakkel & Tarinax, the event is active except for the Headless or Tails encounter, since expansions haven’t caught up there just yet.

So if you’re ready to kill some monsters, slay the undead, and turn those treats and candy corn into things like Pumpkin Bombs to toss at your fellow players, the event is now running. 

Nights of the Dead in EverQuest II will run through November 2nd 11:59 PM PT.


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