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Grab Mounts, Pets, and More in November's SWTOR Events Ahead of Update 7.0's Major Changes

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The list of November events for Star Wars the Old Republic is out and they should provide some opportunities to catch up on some of your favorite returning events and grab some loot in the countdown to Legacy of the Sith/update 7.0.

Among the returning events are the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally, the Rakghoul Resurgence on Corellia, and later in the month, Relics of the Gree will be here for the level 50+ characters to enjoy.

Because so much is changing with regards to armor, gear, and itemization, this month's slate of events are some of the final weeks to use the current systems. The Swoop event is currently going on and will run through November 9th. Get ready to become a swoop champion. Choose your terminal and your planet and get ready to take on these races on Onderon, Dantooine, and Tatooine. You can win swoop rally mounts, swoop gang outfits, droid mini pets and more. 

Eliminate some Rakghouls on Corellia from November 16 through November 23.The plague is back again and it’s time to go and smite a few if you want some loot. Rewards for this include mini pets, mounts, and gear. 

Finally, to close out November and running through December 7, is Relics of the Gree. Go to Ilum if you're level 50+ and get ready for a challenge you can raise your reputation with the Gree, get some pets, gea,r and more.

Since Legacy of the Sith will be out in the coming weeks, and major changes are coming to classes, weapons, gear, and itemization, if you’ve had fun in these events before, this might be your last chance to do it in the way you're most familiar with. For more you can check the announcement on the Star Wars the Old Republic site. 


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