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Grab Double Rewards in Red Dead Online's Crimes Missions

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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This week, you can take advantage of double rewards for certain Crime missions in Red Dead Online. We’ve got the latest.

Earn double RDO$ on select Crimes missions, including Stagecoach Stickup, A Lit Fuse, Wrongful Property, and Back Pay. Plus, take advantage of an offer for half off select Boots for completing either of any said Crimes.

You can also earn double Ability Card XP on all Crimes and Opportunities. New login gifts this week include 100 Express Repeater, Rifle, and Revolver Ammo for all players, and a free Treasure Map for players ranked 100 and up.

New discounts this week include 50% off all Saddles, as well as all Beards and Accessories at the Barber, plus 40% off all Tents, and 30% off all Work Horses, Single Bandoliers, Gloves, Chaps, and Half Chaps.

Players can still unlock the last of its 25 Ranks of Rewards before the next installment of The Quick Draw Club arrives on September 7, and a Reward for The Halloween Pass 2 for free will be earned by players who purchase all four installments of The Quick Draw Club.

Finally, players who connect to Prime Gaming before September 28 will receive a Reward for a free Vitalism Studies Pamphlet and an Offer for half off an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Item of their choice.

Learn more about this week’s Red Dead Online update over at Rockstar Newswire.


Poorna Shankar