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Grab Double Rewards in Open Wheel Races in GTA Online

Plus ongoing Twitch Prime benefits

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You can earn double rewards in Open Wheel Races and more this week in GTA Online.

This week also features Triple GTA$ & RP on Parachute Races. Four free vehicles are up for grabs, including the BF Raptor, Shitzu Hakuchou, Principe Nemesis, and Nagasaki Hot Rod Blazer. Vehicle discounts include 40% off the Vapid Flash GT, Itali GTB, and Coil Rocket Voltic, and 35% off the Ocelot Stromberg.

New Twitch Prime Vehicle discounts include 80% off the V-65 Molotok plane and 70% off the Declasse Mamba roadster.This week’s Lucky Wheel top prize is the Ocelot R88. Additionally, a free Coil USA tee for any player who logs in before June 24.

Double GTA$ & RP on all are on hand for VIP Work and Challenges. Additionally, Associates & Bodyguards are now earning Tripled Salaries. Discounts on select Properties and Customizations include 50% off Large Special Cargo Warehouses, 40% off Executive Offices and 30% off Executive Office Customizations.

Finally, ongoing Twitch Prime Bonuses include a log in bonus. Any player who log into GTA Online between June 18 and 25 will receive a GTA$200,000 bonus, while those that have played across the last two weeks and play throughout this week and next can earn up to GTA$1,000,000 in total bonuses, plus the rebate on the base purchase price of the Pixel Pete’s Arcade property is still available.

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