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Grab Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards All Month Long in DCUO

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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This month is the first full month where you can grab Doctor Fate’s daily rewards in DC Universe Online.

Every day this month, you’ll be able to log in to unlock new rewards in DCUO. These rewards include stabilizers, source marks, and new Fate and Destiny currencies. If you log in for at least 21 days this month, you can grab the Helm of Nabu’s Chosen.

To claim your daily rewards, be sure to log in every day, open the quick menu, and select Doctor Fate’s Daily Rewards. From here, you’ll be able to claim the various daily rewards should you log in every day.

The post notes a bunch of these items will be account bound, apart from Source Marks. When you claim Source Marks, be sure you claim them on the character with which you intend to use. Do note, as this is a month-long event, it will not tick over into October. However, if you haven’t claimed your rewards by the time October hits, those unclaimed rewards will be awarded to the next character you log into.

Recently, the House of Legends update hit DC Universe Online. If you missed that bit of news, we’ve got you covered here. Earlier this year, the DCUO team made it easier to report toxicity.


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