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Grab a Shovel for Legends of Aria Season 2

Start digging

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Season 2 of Legends of Aria is now live, and you might want to bring a shovel.

The theme for this season apparently revolves around digging, with the team encouraging players to dig their way across Celador. You’ll be able to find lost items, underground monsters, plus the ever-fun rewards.

Additionally, new masks have been added as incentive, one for PvE and one for PvP. Other rewards include statues representing various Titan gods. The team also provided a quick update on Point Release 10 and the progress being made towards it,

“We have released two blog updates detailing what you can expect, including The Frozen Tundra, a new lore and dialogue system, completed Professions, and more. You can read our first feature spotlights here now – Part One and Part Two.”

Part Three is set to look at the Frozen Tundra landmarks, in addition to target dates for testing on the experimental server. Patch notes for Season 2 are available here.


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