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Gotham Knights Will Get a Standalone 4-Player Co-op Mode, Heroic Assault, on November 29th

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With Gotham Knights set for release in just one week on October 21st, Warner Brothers has announced a standaone four-player co-op mode will be available for all players in November.

Heroic Assault is the name of the new 4-player co-op mode, and it will be a free update for all game owners on November 29th. The mode is completely separate from the main story campaign, so it’s more of an extra mode to have some fun with friends. You’ll get to play in an arena with certain objectives to meet and, of course, enemies to beat. There will be 30 floors total to take on, so be ready to gather and go in for the win.

Gotham Knights developers had already announced that there would be two-player co-op for launch. With playable character choices that include Robin, Batgirl. Nightwing, and Red Hood, there are some potentially great co-op options for the story. If you’ve got a membership that lets you play online, you’ll be able to play the whole main campaign this way. There’s an update to the Gotham Knights FAQ on the site with details about the just-unveiled extra game mode. Heroic Assault is a completely separate standalone mode. There will be no option to play the main story campaign with four player co-op.

Still, this new upcoming mode might be a good way to add some longevity to keep interest going in Gotham Knights. There’s no confirmed DLC yet other than the Visionary Pack that also comes with the Collector’s Edition and Deluxe Edition. The new mode is so far looking like an optional challenge for those looking for one. Though, it’s not hard to imagine additional characters or other DLC down the line that adds more ways to play. 

For more on Gotham Knights and Heroic Assault, head over to the official site.


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