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Goofy Co-Op Puzzle Game Big Walk Announced By Untitled Goose Game Developers 

The devs encourage you to 'hang out and get lost'

Victoria Rose Posted:
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Three years after its smash hit Untitled Goose Game, House House announced its new multiplayer puzzle game Big Walk at The Game Awards 2023. 

The Australian company officially describes Big Walk as a “cooperative online walker-talker,” and it’s officially marked on Steam as an “Adventure” game. In the trailer, several geometric characters with duck-like “beaks” traverse a massive landscape, with supposedly real players chatting with each other, jumping around, and solving puzzles. 

The visual style is undeniably unique, too. Big Walk boasts a mix of beautiful, realistic backdrops intertwined with bright, colorful, simplistic elements, including buildings, giant integrated geographical spaces, and even the players themselves. 

It’s unclear if there’s a story as part of the puzzle progression, but apparently, the developers don’t mind if the players instead “hang out and get lost” in the charm of the setting or multiplayer appeal. In fact, it’s fully officially encouraged. 

“Adventuring aside, there’s plenty of time to just hang out,” House House explains. “Sit and watch the sunset, or steal your friend’s binoculars and kick them into the ocean. Spending time with friends is the best part of a big walk.”

Big Walk also matches the upbeat, goofy vibes and physical and visual humor that made the studio famous. Untitled Goose Game was best known for enabling mayhem at the hands (or beak and feet) of the goose protagonist, and House House’s prior game, Push Me Pull You from 2016, was, in short, CatDog soccer. 

Big Walk is slated for a 2025 release. 


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