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Goodbye Duel Arena, Hello Het's Oasis as RuneScape Destroys an 18-Year PvP Destination

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The new year is bringing some changes over to RuneScape. Things are going to look different both now and in a couple of weeks, as the Duel Arena, which has been used for challenges since 2004, has been destroyed by an earthquake, leaving it in ruins.

This is where the community comes in, as the area ‘s destruction opens the door for something new if everyone is able to work together to rebuild. The ruined Duel Arena grounds can be transformed into an oasis and a peaceful land with enough collaboration.

The emphasis here is on community as the two week event really depends on collective progress to earn the best rewards. sure, you’ll earn some loot for your own actions, but if everyone comes together, things will be sweeter. There are event rewards like Chomper the crocodile pet, a new title (Of the Ruination), desert themed cosmetic armor, and more. Maybe you’d like to walk around with a new pair of cosmetic shoes that look like you slew some gators to put on your feet? After the event is over, where the site of duels and challenges once stood, there will be a new learning space, Het’s Oasis.

Het’s Oasis is envisioned as an area of learning with skilling content and resources for those who want to boost up their Agility, Farming, and Hunter skills. Take on an agility course running around the ruins of the arena, or maybe tend to flowers and grow entirely new ones. There are also two new mini quests involving an adventure into Het’s Tomb in search of an object that will help in the Elder God Wars saga –a 10% increased drop rate from bosses in those EGWS dungeons.

The event is now available to join on PC and mobile, and you can check out the full details on events, new challenges, and all the rewards over at the RuneScape event page.


Christina Gonzalez

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